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About Me

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After my high school graduation in 2013, I flew from Indonesia to Munich, Germany. I learned German (C1/C2) and practiced for German School Equalization, where I got accepted in 2015.

On July 2016, I finished my secondary school at Studienkolleg Munich and I study human medicine (preclinical) at LMU/TU in Munich, Germany.

Now, I'm a working student in a doctor's office for dermatology βˆ’ taking 3D images for a study and helping them with making short-form video content (reels) on Instagram.



I've been a content creator as long as I can remember. When I was 13 years old, I had a blog, where I posted about the danger of drugs for teenagers, a cool physic experiment and how to start a blog. Now that I'm older. Moved from Indonesia to Germany βˆ’ it never really goes away. I still make contents online on this website, newsletter and social media.

My first blog in 2018. I was 13 years old at that time.

My β€œbig” trough as content creator in Germany was in an early Instagram rise in 2014. @instagramde βˆ’ official German Instagram account βˆ’ reposted three photos from my account. I got some recognitions since then from Instagram community at that time.
In 2016, I got a contract from a postcard firm, Pickmotion, and gave them license to use one of my photos on Instagram as their postcard. Until now, it's still selling in Munich's Books Stores: Hugendubel and TEXXT at Sendlinger Tor.

Not enough with writing and photography, I made long video contents during the lockdown. I started my YouTube Channel in 2020 for helping other medical students with Notion Template and using RemNote. Then I learned about TikTok in 2021 after getting burned out balancing medical school, YouTube Channel and my student job. TikTok really open another, more human, personal and direct content, than any other social media platforms. When you watch TikTok, it feels like Face Timing with someone.

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It's hard for me to response your message on Instagram and TikTok because they mostly end up in request box or buried in comments, so I don't get notify. In this case, you'll get the fastest response via Twitter.