Show Your Work! - Austin Kleon

Show Your Work! - Austin Kleon

In this book, Austin explained how to get noticed for your work!

Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa
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Instead of maintaining absolute secrecy; it's better to share your work in your network and gain: audience, fellowship, feedback, patronage.

You don't really find an audience for your work; they find you. In order to be found, you have to be findable.

#1. Be "Scenius"!

#2. Think Process, Not Product.

How to build connection with your audience?

People are used to see the outcome, but not the process behind the scenes. Showing it publicly will build a strong bond with your customers. It allows them to see the real person behind the products. The connections will only be built if we let our ego down and show how messy the process can be. Start journaling your work, take pictures of notes, scribbles, photos and share it to the world.

#3. Share Something Small Every Day.

Send Out A Daily Dispatch

Overnight success is a MYTH. Instead of focusing on the long term success; focus on days! Share a little piece after you've done your day's work.

  • EARLY STAGE: Share your influences and what's inspiring you.
  • MIDDLE STAGE: Share your methods or works in progress.
  • END STAGE: Share what you learned.
  • Has many projects?: Share how people are interacting with your work.

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