New YouTube Channel and Free Spaced Repetition Notion Template

New YouTube Channel and Free Spaced Repetition Notion Template

Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa
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Notion: Last Year (2020)

Last year, I encountered Notion with some of my friends, while we're also talking about ANKI and other Apps for Productivity Online. Thanks to YouTube Videos, I've been binge-watching his videos about “How to use Notion for Medical Students” and “What Spaced Repetition is”.

So, I've come across some Internet research for making a Spaced Repetition Template for my medical notes on Notion. I made a video about it, and it was well-received. It was not something that I expected it. Since I made that video only for fun and also to taste the water out of my comfort zone — Being Public Online.

I was so shocked and not ready for this: I got 1,000 views in a week. It was actually a good start to make a YouTube Channel, but I was too afraid. I was afraid, mostly of being judged or being stalked. My will to share about how I study medicine is bigger than my fear of being judged and being stalked. I was afraid for so long. Now I can't handle it anymore. Let's share and make our life easier.

New Start: YouTube Channel (2021)

Because I got many comments from other medical students, who are interested in my template, I decided to make another video about Notion one year after the last video I made. Last year wasn't the right time for me to start a YouTube Channel or Website, since I was struggling with pandemic, myself and other things in life.

I've decided to be brave and not thinking too much about being judged, since I've learned: Nobody is really care about you more than you. Everyone has their own unique struggles. Other human beings have limited time and energy to really think about you. You are the only person who thinks a lot about you. I want to own it and put myself and show my work.

Mostly I'm not talking about Notion here. It seems more like a "sorry video" for my last one. To make it up, I give you the template for FREE.

If you want to have a free Education Plan on Notion, here's a tutorial on my TikTok:


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