📈 Paid-Ad UGC

📈 Paid-Ad UGC

💶 → 📈 : Ads need to be “product focused.” The brand will put 💰 behind the ad to boost it to their target audience. The goal is “increasing conversion.”

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📝 Script copy ad is content-based on market research 📊, copywriting ✍🏻 and content creation 🎬. Required professional skills and harder to make: expensive. This is great to increase your conversion 📈.

👯‍♀️ DUET

Have you ever stopped because of a viral video with +1M views? Yes, why not ride the audience. This is one of the best opportunities to present your product as a solution, clear misconception or take an educational approach to market your products/services.

@cindyyoseffa #duet with @jeeves_ny ♬ original sound - clean freakz


In this video, you can see the product I have is a true leather and not fake. I test them out using a viral educational video. People love them because learning something quick and easy can be addictive. Yes, we learn it from Khaby Lame.


If there's no viral video with +1M views on TikTok or Reels to duet, let's take a step further and create “controversial” video or content piece and make it look “natural”. You can duet it later, and educate your customers about your products.

To make a viral video content, creator should understand the tribal language and culture of the niche. At the same time, creator should be able to see why other niches can't understand them. And then make a video, emphasizes this topic.

Especially on TikTok, the algorithm is made so specific to work for viral contents and  later determines if the engagement and audience for the brand's account. The game is still, make viral content first than convert. Which is very different from how Instagram works. Where followers determine the conversion trough, users' engagement.

@cindyyoseffa You can’t have enough white coats as medical student. #medicalstudentsbelike #whitecoat #medizinstudium #vorklinik #medizinstudieren #medschool ♬ Own brand freestyle transition - Nijah


In Germany, it's normal that people put their really good stuffs that they don't need outside of their house for FREE. As a foreigner, it was so weird for me to see this. I thought people are stealing from others. So, I create controversial video with this topic.


🙊 Storified copy ad is a mix of script copy ad and storytelling 🗣. There will be a story about the relationship between your product and the creator. This type of video create an emotional bond 🔗 with your target audience. Automatically, this increases the value of conversion 🔺📈.


Using story here, instead of directly using copy for customer, will increase the emotional between brands and customers. Seeing how exactly your product can solve a problem is the key to a good UGC. The more engagement your UGC videos get, the higher is the probability for a conversion. Focus on engaging your audience.

@cy.ugc The pistachio 😋 #naturalshampoo #naturalshampoobar #sustainableliving #sustainablehaircare #ugccreator ♬ Relaxing lofi music(1014185) - Akase


Here I tell a story, about why I decide choosing a sustainable product, after hesitating getting it. I'm afraid, that I don't like the product. And then found my reason, why buying sustainable products is now more important than ever.