Parva et Magna 🎙💬

Parva et Magna 🎙💬

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CINDY: Hi everyone... It's me Cindy! Welcome to Parva et Magna, a PodCast that I'll use together with my colleagues talking about small and big topics, and their correlation to each other. Just like the meaning of Parva et Magna in Latin: Parva = small; et = and; Magna = big.

In this PodCast we are exploring mostly the topics that people in their 20s have and also about science, philosophy, technologies, finance, psychology and culture with a bit of comedy. This podcast will be available in three languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Deutsch.

If you have any questions, idea or topics, that you want us to discuss, please leave a voice message on this podcast. You can find a voice message button on my website: We will happily answer your questions.

Stay tune for our next episode and follow us on YouTube.

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If you have some questions and want to interact, don't hesitate to leave your voice message. I will gladly answer your message. Some of your voice messages will be published and use on my PodCast, if you allowed me to.

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